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Discover our indisputable system of growing ecommerce business through specialised tax planning, helping your business get maximum tax and government grant benefits.


  • to learn 3 things that you can do to reduce your taxes

  • what you need to have better work life balance while moving your business forward

  • show you various government incentives and grants you’re eligible for


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Using the correct tax structure

When determining the correct structure for your business, it’s important to consider:


  • Tax: 
    How will you ensure your ecommerce business meets tax obligations? Is your ecommerce business entitled to any government grants or tax concessions?


  • Risk: 
    How much risk is associated with your ecommerce business? Some business owners may need to consider a business structure that protects their personal assets


  • Ownership: 
    Is your ecommerce business owned by multiple people, or a single owner? How will management and ownership be controlled in your business?


  • Costs: 
    Different business structures offer different advantages and fees. It’s important to factor in costs such as legal, consultants, accounting, registration, and tax lodgement fees.


While it’s possible to alter business structure at any point during the early stages of launching an ecommerce start-up, business structure alterations should be executed with caution.

If you’re considering changing the business structure of your ecommerce operation, it’s best to consult with a professional tax accountant or business consultant to make sure capital gains tax don’t apply or at least minimised.


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